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門戶合唱團:1968年好萊塢盃現場演唱會 The Doors: Live At The Bowl '68 (藍光blu-ray) 【Evosound】

門戶合唱團:1968年好萊塢盃現場演唱會 The Doors: Live At The Bowl '68 (藍光blu-ray) 【Evosound】

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1968年7月5日,在樂界飽受爭議的迷幻搖滾先驅名團門戶合唱團(The Doors),於好萊塢盃舉辦了傳奇演出。演出曲目包含《Waiting For The Sun他們第三張專輯,以及單曲《Hello, I Love You》的精彩歌曲,演出總是在現場暴走,引發觀眾嗨翻全場的的他們,每場演出都能替樂壇寫下絕無僅有的歷史紀錄!重新後製剪輯過的此影片,宛如原音重現且畫質清晰,絕對是搖滾樂迷朝聖門戶合唱團的最好選擇!

01. Show Start / Intro
02. When The Music's Over
03. Alabama Song / Whiskey Bar
04. Back Door Man
05. Five To One
06. Back Door Man (reprise)
07. The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
08. Hello, I Love You
09. Moonlight Drive
10. Horse Lattitudes
11. A Little Game
12. The Hill Dwellers
13. Spanish Caravan
14. Hey, What Would You Guys Like To Hear?
15. Wake Up!
16. Light My Fire
17. Light My Fire (segue)
18. The Unknown Soldier
19. The End (segue)
20. The End

* Echoes From The Bowl
*You Had To Be There
*Reworking The Doors
*Wild Child - from The Smothers Brothers Show in 1968
*Light My Fire - from The Jonathan Winters Show in Dec 1967
*"Gloria" music video

聲道: DTS-HD Master Audio, LPCM Stereo
螢幕比:1080i High Definition 16:9

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