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Fly: Year of the Snake (CD) 【ECM】

Fly: Year of the Snake (CD) 【ECM】

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On its second ECM CD, recorded in New Yorklast year, Fly continues to overturn the conventions of the sax/bass/drums trio. Mark Turner, LarryGrenadier andJeff Ballard share freedom and responsibilities ina democratically-constituted band of equals, which is never about soloist-and-accompaniment. More often coolheaded and thoughtful than incantatory, the trio’s music subtly interweaves improvisation and composition; there are some deep conversations, and reflections on jazz history, taking place inside it. All three members contribute tunes to the programme of “Year Of The Snake”, which builds on the achievements of the earlier “Sky And Country” (“Clever, expert, 100% engaged, and very musical” – The Guardian).

Mark Turner - tenor saxophone
Larry Grenadier - double bass
Jeff Ballard - drums

01. The Western Lands I
02. Festival Tune
03. The Western Lands II
04. Brothersister
05. Diorite
06. Kingston
07. Salt and Pepper
08. The Western Lands III
09. Benj