Peter Erskine / John Taylor / Palle Danielsson: As It Was (4CD) 【ECM】

Peter Erskine / John Taylor / Palle Danielsson: As It Was (4CD) 【ECM】

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The newest addition to ECM’s popular Old and New Masters Series is a box set reprising the four albums made by Peter Erskine’s American-British-Swedish trio with John Taylor and Palle Danielsson between 1992 and 1997: You Never Know, As It Is, Time Being and Juni. If its core concept – a piano led by a drummer – was unorthodox, the group was nonetheless influential, and the recordings provide an excellent environment for appreciating the distinctive writing and playing of John Taylor. The British pianist was the Erskine Trio’s primary composer, with the drummer-leader and bassist Danielsson also contributing pieces and the repertoire topped up with tunes by Vince Mendoza and Kenny Wheeler. Of his trio mates Erskine says, "We drew out our most explorative and interesting playing from each other. Without trying to be, we were a truly unique group. I’ve heard nothing like it before or since.”

Peter Erskine - Drums
John Taylor - Piano
Palle Danielsson - Double Bass

<CD 1>
01. New Old Age
02. Clapperclowe
03. On The Lake
04. Amber Waves
05. She Never Has A Window
06. Evans Above
07. Pure & Simple
08. Heart Game
09. Everything I Love

<CD 2>
01. Terraces
02. For The Time Being
03. If Only I Had Known
04. Evansong
05. Page 172
06. Liten Visa Till Karin
07. Bulgaria
08. Ambleside
09. Phrase One
10. Palle’s Headache
11. Pieds-en-l’air

<CD 3>
01. Glebe Ascending
02. The Lady In The Lake
03. Episode
04. Woodcocks
05. Esperança
06. Touch Her Soft Lips And Part
07. Au Contraire
08. For Ruth
09. Romeo & Juliet

<CD 4>
01. Prelude No. 2
02. Windfall
03. For Jan
04. The Ant & The Elk
05. Siri
06. Fable
07. Twelve
08. Namasti