Siri Nilsen: Alle snakker sant (Vinyl LP) 【Grappa】

Siri Nilsen: Alle snakker sant (Vinyl LP) 【Grappa】

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The title track from the American-Norwegian singer’s excellent new album is, like the rest of the record, sung in Norwegian. But you don’t need to understand a word to appreciate what a gorgeous slice of peppy folk-pop this is.

Siri Nilsen, the daughter of one of Norway’s most beloved singer-songwriters, Lillebjørn Nilsen, won Grappa’s “New Artist Award” in 2008. Her dual-language debut album, Vi som ser i mørket, was released in 2009 to critical acclaim. Aftenposten, one of Norway’s leading newspapers, wrote that she is “an artist who has already found her own distinctive voice. The rumours of her excellence were no exaggeration.”

About the title cut, “Alle snakker sant” (“They All Speak the Truth”), she says, “The title refers to when your head, heart and stomach are telling you different things, and you agree with all of them.”

All the lyrics on ”Alle snakker sant” are in Norwegian, unlike on her first album, where Siri sang in both her father’s and her mother’s native tongues, Norwegian and English. “Alle snakker sant was written during the winter and recorded in the spring at a rehearsal studio very close to where I live. I started by writing songs to console myself, and ended with writing that here and now is a good place to be,” says Siri. “So this record is a sort of personal journey. When we started recording it the musical aspect also fell into place. The whole process has resulted in an organic, poetic and complex record that I’m looking forward to releasing.”

<Side A>
01. Brev
02. Alle Snakker Sant
03. Ta Meg Med
04. Kort Evighet
05. Snu, Ikke Snu

<Side B>
01. Enkle Ting
02. Skjøtet
03. Hodet, Hjertet Eller Magen
04. Jeg Vet
05. Stille Vann