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比才:歌劇《唐.波柯皮歐》 Bizet: Don Procopio (CD)【Dynamic】

比才:歌劇《唐.波柯皮歐》 Bizet: Don Procopio (CD)【Dynamic】

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Stylistically, this work is close to Donizetti and Rossini. The ensembles use the well-tested techniques in use since Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto (1792); solo arias (there are only two in this work, which favours ensembles) strictly follow the canons of the day.

Particular attention was given by Bizet to the orchestration. Two harps, a guitar and a mandolin complete a classical orchestra (with 4 horns) which, on two occasions, is tinged with the nostalgic hue of English horns. Don Procopio is at the same time a tribute to and a re-visitation of Rossini, Donizetti and all other Italian composers of opera buffa of the 1810-40s.

Witold Zoladkiewicz - Don Procopio
Gabriela Kaminska - Donna Bettina
Iwona Kowalkowska - Donna Eufemia
Olivier Heyte - Don Andronico
Pierre-Yves Pruvot - Don Ernesto
Wojciech Parchelm - Don Odoardo
Bogdan Sliwa - Pasquino
Orchestra and Chorus of the Warsaw Chamber Opera
Didier Talpain - conductor

01. Act I: Introduzione, concertato e coro: Gran piacer son gli sponsali (Chorus of Servants, Sopranos, Tenors, Chorus, Eufemia, Don Andronico, Pasquino)
02. Act I: Aria di Bettina: Voler che sposi un vecchio (Bettina)
03. Act I: Marcia: Qual suon! … (Don Andronico, Eufemia, Don Ernesto, Pasquino)
04. Act I: Trio: Che caro progetto (Bettina, Don Ernesto, Don Odoardo)
05. Act I: Cavatina di Ernesto: Non v'e, signor, di lei (Don Ernesto)
06. Act I: Finale: Concertato e coro: Davver credevo fare (Don Procopio, Chorus, Don Andronico, Don Ernesto, Bettina, Eufemia, Don Odoardo)
07. Act II: Serenata di Odoardo e duo: Sulle piume dell'amore (Don Odoardo, Bettina)
08. Act II: Duo: Io di tutto mi contento (Bettina, Don Procopio)
09. Act II: Trio: Se lei di parola (Don Ernesto, Don Procopio, Don Andronico)
10. Act II: Duo: Per me beato appieno (Bettina, Don Odoardo)
11. Act II: Finale: Viva il conte! L'allegria (Chorus)


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