索勒:歌劇《仁慈的伯貝羅》 Vicente Martin y Soler: Il Burbero di buon cuore (2DVD)【Dynamic】

索勒:歌劇《仁慈的伯貝羅》 Vicente Martin y Soler: Il Burbero di buon cuore (2DVD)【Dynamic】

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Conductor: Cristophe Rousset 
Director: Irina Brook 
Angelica: Elena de la Merced 
Ferramondo: Carlos Chausson 
Madama Lucilla Giocondo: Véronique Gens 
Marina: Cecilia Diaz 
Valerio: Juan Francisco Gatell 
Dorval: Luca Pisaroni 
Castagna: Josep Miquel Ramón 
Orquesta Titular del Teatro Real (Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid) 
Teatro Real, Madrid, 2007 

Cast and Program Information 
Il Burbero di buon cuore is a dramma giocoso in two acts composed by Vicente Martín y Soler to a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte, based on one of the most popular and amusing French comedies by Carlo Goldoni, Le bourru bienfaisant. The opera was premièred to a triumphant success in Vienna’s Burgtheater on 4th January 1786. 

The gruff Ferramondo must deal with a nephew who has been ruined by his spendthrift wife, and who would like to have his sister sent to a convent so that he can get his hands on her dowry. The girl, of course, has other plans. A brilliant libretto, music that can be both graceful and captivating, and a first rate cast make of this opera a welcome rediscovery. 

Vicente Martín Y Soler was known in Europe during his lifetime as Vincenzo Martini,an Italian name that appears at the time to have been considered an advantage in the operatic world. When he met Lorenzo Da Ponte in 1785, Vicente Martín Y Soler, born in Valencia in 1754 already had to his credit a dozen operas, but decisive leap to his career was due to the collaboration with Da Ponte who wrote the librettos for: Il burbero di buon cuore (1786), Una cosa rara (1786) and L’arbore di Diana (1787). These were operas which shared the favour of the public in the imperial capital with Mozart’s masterpieces, likewise on librettos by Da Ponte, Le nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni , and Così fan tutte. 

When Il Burbero di buon cuore was first staged in Vienna in 1786 it was warmly received by the audience. 

The music is simple, charming, orchestrated tastefully and with a wealth of colours. The handling of the situations is impeccable and the mechanism works perfectly, with suitable theatrical timings, so that the scenes follow one another with an urgent rhythm, giving the development of the plot a sensation of fresh naturalness up to the final dénouement. 

The Da Ponte - Martín Y Soler partnership collaborated again on the opera, Una cosa rara, ossia bellezza e onestà. 

Strong Points: 

The recording of Il Burbero di buon cuore confirms the collaboration between Dynamic and Teatro Real of Madrid (which started with the release of the double CD in World Premiere Recording La Conquista di Granata by Emilio Arrieta) 
This opera had been absent from Madrid’s stages since 1792. 
In October 1789 Mozart composed two ”substitute arias” for this opera: Chi sa, chi sa qual sia KV 582 and Vado, ma dove? Oh Dei! KV 583, which, given their superior musical quality, have opportunely been inserted in this edition of the opera, sung by Véronique Gens. 

Soprano Véronique Gens appears also on Dynamic’s DVD Agrippina by Haendel, which won the Record Academy Award 2007 in Japan in the category DVD opera. Director Irina Brook is the daughter of the famous British director Peter Brook, at her debut in Teatro Real. 

She sets the action in today’s times and mixes several styles and epochs, creating a very well lit and bright setting with a very effective result. The touch of classical and baroque expert Christophe Rousset perfectly enhances the music. The French conductor delivers a lesson of style extracting from the Symphonic Orchestra of Madrid a sweet and smooth sound ideally harmonized with the partitura. 

- ”Elena de la Merced has become one of the most requested Spanish sopranos. Her voice has gained volume and beauty and she manages it in a most intelligent manner” - Opera Actual - December 2007 

- ”Véronique Gens is a marvellous interpreter and portrayed a perfect Madama Lucilla, very musical and perfectly at ease acting on the stage ”- Artes Hoy - November 2007 

- ”The star of the evening was undoubtedly Carlos Chausson, who created an unforgettable gruff Ferramondo . The Aragonese baritone suited perfectly this role thanks to his flawless style, his precise gestures, his verve as well as his natural acting skills. - Artes Hoy - November 2007 

- ”Luca Pisaroni as mature Dorval solved the ”problem” of young age with good singing and good acting skills” - Audio Clásica - January 2008 

- ”Elena de la Merced è diventata una dei soprano spagnoli più richiesti. La sua voce si è arricchita in bellezza e volume, e la cantante ne dà una gestione molto intelligente.r” - Opera Actual - December 2007 

- ”Véronique Gens è un’interprete stupenda, che ha dato vita ad una Madama Lucilla perfetta, molto musicale e a proprio agio sul palcoscenico. ”- Artes Hoy - November 2007 

- ”La stella della serata è stato sicuramente Carlos Chausson,che ha dato vita ad un indimenticabile burbero Ferramondo . Il baritono aragonese ha calzato alla perfezione questo ruolo grazie al suo stile impeccabile, al gesto preciso, alla sua verve ed alle sue capacità recitative naturali.” - Artes Hoy - November 2007 

- ”Luca Pisaroni nel ruolo del maturo Dorval ha aggirato l’”ostacolo ” della giovane età affidandosi alle sue ottime doti canore ed alle virtù attoriali” - Audio Clásica - January 2008 

01. Opening 
02. Overtura/ Valerio, partite (Angelica) 
03. Da Voi quest’alma (Valerio) 
04. Venite, fanciulla (Ferramondo) 
05. Pian pianino, veggiamo un poco (Ferramondo) 
06. Degli anni sul fiore (Giocondo) 
07. Chi sa, chi sa qual sia.(Lucilla) * 
08. Già lo vidi sortir dal giardino (Marina) 
09. Deponete lo scacchiero (Dorval) 
10. Compatite o caro amico (Dorval / Finale, All) 

01. Qui cova qualche imbroglio (Ferramondo) 
02. Ho i fini lavori del ricco Tamigi (Valerio) 
03. Vado, ma dove, o dei? (Lucilla) * 
04. Non dubitate, o cara (Marina) 
05. Immaginate, o cara (Dorval) 
06. Quando fui giovinetto (Ferramondo) 
07. Come soffrir potrei (Giocondo) 
08. Cedete a queste lacrime (Giocondo) 
09. Parti omai dal mio cospetto (Ferramondo / Finale, All) 

螢幕比:NTSC 16:9 
聲道:PCM 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1