C.P.E.巴哈:幻想曲、奏鳴曲、輪旋曲與視唱曲|鋼琴:魯比莫夫 (CD) 【ECM】

C.P.E.巴哈:幻想曲、奏鳴曲、輪旋曲與視唱曲|鋼琴:魯比莫夫 (CD) 【ECM】

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Alexei Lubimov / Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Fantasien, Sonaten, Rondi und Solfeggi


Russian pianist Alexei Lubimov is the rare artist who has been a trailblazer in two directions, both a champion of new music (from Cage to Silvestrov) and a dedicated interpreter of Baroque music with a passion for period instruments. In this remarkable reading of music by CPE Bach, Lubimov responds to the inventiveness of the composer’s fantasies, sonatas and rondos by making full creative use of the sonorities of the tangent piano. Briefly popular in the early 18th century, the tangent piano (whose strings are struck from beneath by wood or metal “tangents” and allowed to vibrate) offered greater expressiveness and intensity than the harpsichord.

01. C.P.E. Bach: Freye Fantasie

C.P.E. Bach - Sonate II d-Moll
02. Allegro moderato
03. Cantabile e mesto
04. Allegro

05. C.P.E. Bach: Rondo II c-Moll

06. C.P.E. Bach: Fantasie d-Moll

07. C.P.E. Bach: Fantasie G-Dur

08. C.P.E. Bach: Fantasie D-Dur

09. C.P.E. Bach: Fantasie B-Dur

C.P.E. Bach: Clavierstück für die rechte oder linke Hand allein A-Dur
10. Rechte Hand
11. Linke Hand

12. C.P.E. Bach: Solfeggio C-Dur

13. C.P.E. Bach: Solfeggio A-Dur

14. C.P.E. Bach: Solfeggio Es-Dur

15. C.P.E. Bach: Solfeggio c-Moll

16. C.P.E. Bach: Rondo II d-Moll

C.P.E. Bach: Sonate VI G-Dur
17. Allegro moderato
18. Andante
19. Allegro di molto

20. C.P.E. Bach: Fantasie II C-Dur