Lobo灰狼羅伯:愛我如本色 Lobo: Love Me For What I Am (HQCD) 【Evosound】

Lobo灰狼羅伯:愛我如本色 Lobo: Love Me For What I Am (HQCD) 【Evosound】

美國民謠歌手灰狼羅伯,這位在歐亞洲大受歡迎的歌手,先以「I'd Love You to Want Me我很樂於妳要我」一曲成名,然後紅回美國,接著「Don't Expect Me Be Your Friend不想作朋友」拿下告示榜冠軍曲,堪稱少數民謠歌手跨越歐亞兩洲的代表人物。本張專輯『愛我如本色』收錄他生涯精選的多首經典單曲,值得再三聆聽回味。

01. I'd Love You to Want Me
02. Standing at The End of The Line
03. I'm The Only One
04. You'll Never Need Me
05. Don't Expect Me Be Your Friend
06. Me and You and A Dog Named Boo
07. Walk Away From It All
08. My First Time
09. You
10. Love Me For What I Am
11. How Can I Tell Her
12. A Simple Man
13. She Will Always Be Mine
14. Stoney
15. Goodbye is Just Another Word





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