Marco Ambrosini / Ensemble Supersonus: Resonances (CD) 【ECM】

Marco Ambrosini / Ensemble Supersonus: Resonances (CD) 【ECM】

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Founded by nyckelharpa virtuoso Marco Ambrosini - first heard on ECM with Rolf Lislevand - Ensemble Supersonus applies its unique instrumental blend, capped by the otherworldly overtone singing of Anna-Maria Hefele, to very wide-ranging repertoire. Building bridges between cultures and traditions, Resonances sets compositions by Biber, Frescobaldi and Hildegard von Bingen next to Swedish folk music, Ottoman court music, and original pieces by each of the band members.

Marco Ambrosini - Nyckelharpa
Anna-Liisa Eller - Kannel
Anna-Maria Hefele - Polyphonic Overtone Singing, Harp
Wolf Janscha - Jew’s Harp
Eva-Maria Rusche - Harpsichord, Square Piano

01. Fuga Xylocopae
02. Rosary Sonata No.1
03. O Antiqui Sancti
04. Erimal Nopu
05. Polska
06. Ananda Rasa
07. Hicaz Hümâyun Saz Semâisi
08. Toccata in E minor
09. Fjordene
10. Praeludium – Toccata per l'elevazione
11. 2 Four 8
12. Ritus




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