Michael Formanek / Ensemble Kolossus: The Distance (CD) 【ECM】

Michael Formanek / Ensemble Kolossus: The Distance (CD) 【ECM】

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The Distance represents a grand creative leap for bassist-composer Michael Formanek, following two widely lauded ECM releases featuring his quartet with Tim Berne, Craig Taborn and Gerald Cleaver. The new album showcases his texturally rich compositions for the dynamic 18-piece big band he has playfully dubbed Ensemble Kolossus. The project saw some of the most distinctive musicians on the New York scene bonding to realize Formanek’s epic design, as he re-imagined what a big-band can be. Channeling sounds from the classic to the modern, he also composed for individual soloists in the Ellingtonian tradition. Along with the romanticism of the title track, The Distance features the “Exoskeleton” suite – a kaleidoscopic musical experience in which Formanek’s bold, beautiful vision for 21st-century large-ensemble jazz comes vibrantly to life.

Michael Formanek - double-bass

01. The Distance
02. Exoskeleton (Prelude)
03. Exoskeleton Parts I-III (Impenetrable / Beneath the Shell / @heart)
04. Exoskeleton Parts IV-V (Echoes / Without Regrets)
05. Exoskeleton Parts VI-VII (Shucking While Jiving / A Reptile Dysfunction)
06. Exoskeleton Part VIII (Metamorphic)