• Nils Petter Molvær: Khmer (Vinyl LP) 【ECM】

    庫存單位: ECM1560LP

    Massive beats and throbbing grooves underpin the Norwegian trumpeter's fiery solos in a project that forms a bridge between ECM's improvised soundscapes and the brave new world of trip-hop,drum'n'bass,ambient/illbient, techno, industrial, electronica and samples. Nils Petter Molvær may be best known for his jazz work - with most of the leading Scandinavian players and with Elvin Jones, Gary Peacock, and George Russell - but he also has vast experience as a rock sessioneer. Khmer brings jazz's freedom and pop/rock's sound potential together.

    〈Recorded 1996-1997〉

    Nils Petter Molvær - trumpet, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, samples
    Eivind Aarset - electric guitar, effects, ambient treatments
    Ulf W. Ø. Holand - samples
    Morten Mølster - electric guitar
    Roger Ludvigsen - acoustic guitar, percussion, dulcimer
    Rune Arnesen - drums
    Reidar Skår - sound treatment

    <Side A>
    01. Khmer
    02. Tløn
    03. Access
    04. Song of Sand I
    05. On Stream

    <Side B>
    06. Platonic Years
    07. Phum
    08. Song Of Sand II
    09. Exit



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