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Noora Noor: Soul Deep (Vinyl LP) 【Blue Mood】

Noora Noor: Soul Deep (Vinyl LP) 【Blue Mood】

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The Norwegian Queen of Soul is back.

Back To The Roots
Soul Deep takes Noor back to her roots to the sound of Stax and southern soul. The album goes more retro and is genuinely played live in studio. The album contains partly her own songs, but also well known classics by US writers, such as Curtis Mayfield´s "Move On Up". Noor makes these tunes her own, and gives them new life. Featured on the album are a great number of US blues and soul artists, among them members of Little Charlie & The Nightcats.

The Legendary Kid Andersen
The album is recorded in San Jose, California with legendary guitarist and producer Kid Andersen over a period of 12 days. Andersen went to USA from Norway to play guitar but has done several neo soul and blues releases as a producer. His bluesy input and Noora Noor´s more modern approach gives the album an exciting retro, but it still has a 2009 feel to it!

Extraordinary Career
Noora Noor is one of Norway´s most talented singers and has been a well known name since her debut as an artist at the age of 15. She started her career with the album Curious, produced by Stargate. This was Stargate´s first start on their way to international success, as they got a lot of interest for the single "Need You" and the album in the UK. Noor´s second album, All I Am, from 2004 brought Noora to USA for production. She used the next few years to work on different projects and singing on other artists albums such as MadCon.

01. What Man Have Done
02. Musiq
03. Forget What I Said
04. Dedication
05. Funky Way (New version with horns and backing vocals)
06. Your Good Thing
07. Someone You Use
08. You Will Always Be Free
09. Move On Up (Single version)