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Steve Reich: Music For 18 Musicians (CD) 【ECM】

Steve Reich: Music For 18 Musicians (CD) 【ECM】

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Shem Guibbory - violin
Ken Ishii - cello
Elizabeth Arnold - voice
Rebecca Armstrong - voice
Pamela Fraley - voice
Nurit Tilles - piano
Steve Chambers - piano
Larry Karush - piano, maracas
Gary Schall - marimba, maracas
Bob Becker - marimba, xylophone
Russ Hartenberger - marimba, xylophone
Glen Velez - marimba, xylophone
James Preiss - metallophone, piano
Steve Reich - piano, marimba
David Van Tieghem - marimba, xylophone, piano
Virgil Blackwell - clarinet, bass clarinet
Richard Cohen - clarinet, bass clarinet
Jay Clayton - voice, piano

01. Pulse, Sections I ­ X, Pulse

Total duration: 56:33


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