Susan Wong:靠近我 Close To Me (Vinyl LP) 【Evosound】

Susan Wong:靠近我 Close To Me (Vinyl LP) 【Evosound】

音響發燒天后Susan Wong全新專輯,採用最高規格的LP製作,音質無比發燒!

2002年,Susan Wong以一張《Close To You》席捲發燒圈,之後更被奉為「發燒天后」,每一張專輯都受到音響迷的高度推崇。這張《靠近我》(Close To Me)與《Close To You》僅有一字之差,卻隔了近20年。Susan Wong本人參與了專輯的製作工作,不僅可以聽到Susan Wong的音樂才華與成熟的轉變,錄音與混音皆採用24bit/36Hz的高規格。

<Side A>
01. Vincent
02. Sing For You
03. Man In The Mirror
04. The One You Love
05. Sunday Morning
06. What's Going On

<Side B>
01. Don't Dream It's Over
02. He's the One
03. Can't Hurry Love
04. That's Why You Go Away
05. When You Were My Man
06. Yesterday





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