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Trio Mediaeval: Folk Songs (CD) 【ECM】

Trio Mediaeval: Folk Songs (CD) 【ECM】

庫存單位: ECM2003

After three very-well received recordings - “Words of the Angel,” “Soir, dit-elle” and “Stella Maris” – combining medieval sacredmusic and contemporary composition, a strikinglydifferent project from the Trio Mediaeval. Here the singers, “precise and on fire”, in Paul Griffiths’s description, investigate their Scandinavian roots, with a powerful and compelling account of Norwegian folk songs. On several selections they are joined by percussionist Birger Mistereggen, specialist in the rare Norwegian folk-drum tradition. This is a disc that will communicate across categories, to a broad listenership. For the sources that Trio Mediaeval explore here are the same sources that have inspired many Nordic jazz improvisers...

Anna Maria Friman
Linn Andrea Fuglseth
Torunn Østrem Ossum
Birger Mistereggen - percussion and jew's harp

01. Det Lisle Banet (The Little Child)
02. So Ro, Godt Barn (Rest Now, Sweet Child)
03. Villemann Og Magnhild (Villemann And Magnhild)
04. Tjovane (The Thieves)
05. Nu Solen Gar Ned (The Sun Is Setting)
06. I Mine Kate Ungdomsdagar (In My Reckless, Youthful Days)
07. Gjendines Badnlat (Gjendine's Lullaby)
08. Bruremarsj Fra Gudbrandsdalen (Wedding March From Gudbrandsdalen)
09. Rolandskvadet (The Song Of Roland)
10. Solbonn (Sun-prayer)
11. Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg (I Know A Stronghold In Heaven)
12. Nu Vilar Hela Jorden (All The Earth Now Rests In Peace)
13. Springdans Fra Vestfold (Dance From Vestfold)
14. Eg Aktar Inkje (I Don't Think Much Of Those Boys)
15. Den Elskte Jerusalem (Beloved Jerusalem)
16. Till, Till Tove
17. Lova Line
18. Danse, Ikke Grate Na (Dance, Do Not Cry Now)
19. Den Signete Dag (The Day Of Joy)
20. Folkefrelsar, Til Oss Kom (Saviour Of The Nations, Come)


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