Wolfert Brederode Trio: Black Ice (CD) 【ECM】

Wolfert Brederode Trio: Black Ice (CD) 【ECM】

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Black Ice is a nice image for Dutch pianist Wolfert Brederode’s new trio music, with its gleaming lyricism, transparency, and hint of danger, as well as sleek melodic invention both from the leader and from Icelandic bassist Gulli Gudmundsson. Brederode and Gudmundsson have collaborated often over the last two decades in contexts from free improvisation to theatre music and have a keenly honed intuitive understanding. Jasper van Hulten is a resourceful addition to the team, a tone-sensitive drummer adept at embellishing the sensitive musical language and sense of interplay. The album, recorded at Lugano’s Studio RSI in July 2015 and produced by Manfred Eicher, is issued as the Brederode Trio goes on tour in the Netherlands…

Wolfert Brederode - Piano
Gulli Gudmundsson - Double Bass
Jasper van Hulten - Drums

01. Elegia
02. Olive Tree
03. Bemani
04. Black Ice
05. Cocoon
06. Fall
07. Terminal
08. Conclusion
09. Curtains
10. Rewind
11. Bemani, var.
12. Glass Room
13. Fall, var.