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極光音樂 Aurora Music International

太古國際 TAS Entertainment Group


成立於1980年,已經在台灣業界中樹立起穩固的形象聲譽,此外也在音樂與電影產業市場占有優越的地位。不僅是在音樂成就上獲得極大成功,代理超過四十多家知名的音樂品牌,如:EuroArts、Medic、Arte France、BVA、Venus Jazz、Stockfisch、KING、Evosound、Dynamic、ECM、Chesky、Silva Screen、那禾映畫、Grappa、KING、Opus 3、Stockfisch、Venus、Proprius...等等。並致力於電影產業及高水準的戲劇表演,是台灣最主要的CD及DVD發行商。為了擴展顧客的需求,我們努力尋找更優質的產品,如:SACD、XRCD、DMM-CD、UHQCD、LP、DVD、Blu-ray。

Founded in 1980, Aurora Music International Corporation/TAS Entertainment Group have established its firm and steady image in Taiwan. And has the greatest esteem by the music and film market. Aurora Music have exclusively imported over 40 world music labels. Such as EuroArts, Medic, Arte France, BVA, Venus Jazz, Stockfisch, KING, Evosound, Dynamic, ECM, Chesky, Silva Screen, divinerpicture, Grappa, KING, Opus 3, Stockfisch, Venus, Proprius...ect.

In order to expanding demand from our customers, we are looking for the more quality labels such as SACD, XRCD, UHQCD, Vinyl either for distribution, licensing.

Not only importing, we also have our own label and exoprt the high quality CD, SACD, UHQCD, Vinyl to the other countries. If you are interested in our products, please contact us!

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