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朱利安.柯瑞亞:爵士波動 Julian Coryell: Jazzbo (CD) 【Venus】

朱利安.柯瑞亞:爵士波動 Julian Coryell: Jazzbo (CD) 【Venus】

SKU: TKCV-79301 

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Julian Coryell、Larry Coryell - Electric Guitar
Peter Adams - Keyboards
Jonathan Sanborn - Electric Bass
Steven Wolf、Codaryl "Cody" Moffett - Drums
Lafayette Harris - Piano
Calvin Jones - Acoustic Bass

01. Film Flam On The Shim Sham
02. Bimbo Bop
03. Papadopolis
04. Song for Emily
05. Willie
06. Relentless Scatology of the Julian
07. The Difference Between Men and Women
08. Rozzem Flazzem
09. In A Sentimental Mood
10. When I Fall In Love
11. In Your Own Sweet Way
12. Moments Notice