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艾維斯.卡斯堤洛:曼菲斯現場演唱會 (藍光Blu-ray) 【Evosound】

艾維斯.卡斯堤洛:曼菲斯現場演唱會 (藍光Blu-ray) 【Evosound】


 Elvis Costello: Club Date - Live in Memphis


2004年秋在曼菲斯的現場錄影,演唱了卡斯提洛各階段的經典作品:等待世界末日、無線電台、和平愛與諒解、送貨人…等。最精采的莫過是與特別嘉賓- 素有「新傳統樂派教母」之稱的艾蜜露哈利斯,共同演唱的三首歌。

01. Waiting for the End of the World
02. Radio Radio
03. Mystery Dance
04. Blue Chair
05. Bedlam
06. Country Darkness
07. Blame it on Cain
08. Either Side of the Same Town
09. High Fidelity
10. The Judgement
11. Monkey to Man
12. The Monkey
13. I Still Miss Someone (with Emmylou Harris)
14. Heart Shaped Bruise (with Emmylou Harris)
15. Wheels (with Emmylou Harris)
16. The Delivery Man
17. Hidden Charms
18. Alison / Suspicious Minds
19. Peace, Love and Understanding
20. Pump It Up
21. My Baby’s Gone (with Emmylou Harris)
22. There’s A Story In Your Voice
23. Button My Lip
24. Sleepless Nights (with Emmylou Harris)

* “Off The Beaten Path” - 52 minute “Road Trip” documentary with Elvis and Pete
* Radio And The Fan


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