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Elliott Carter / Paul Griffiths: What Next? (CD) 【ECM】

Elliott Carter / Paul Griffiths: What Next? (CD) 【ECM】

SKU: ECM1817

The premiere recording of the first-ever opera by America's greatest living composer, released to coincide with his 95th birthday, is a major new music event. Going against the archetypes of “late work”, Carter’s opera is spirited, energetic, full of power. As The Economist recently observed, “Today Elliott Carter is writing music of dazzling brilliance and subtlety: this is an invigorating explosion of creativity.” Peter Eötvös draws superlative performances from a gifted cast.

Valdine Anderson - Soprano
Sarah Leonard - Soprano
Hilary Summers - Contralto
William Joyner - Tenor
Dean Elzinga - Baritone
Emanuel Hoogeveen - Boy Alto
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra

01. Elliott Carter: What next?
02. Elliott Carter: Asko Concerto

Total duration: 52:08


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