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Lars Erstrand Quartet: Dream Dancing (Vinyl LP)【Opus 3】

Lars Erstrand Quartet: Dream Dancing (Vinyl LP)【Opus 3】

SKU: LP9101

It has been my good fortune to take part in more than 60 jazz albums since my first one, in March 1964. Most of these recordnings were made in Sweden, but some took place in New York (USA), Stuttgart (Germany), Monster (Holland), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Helsinki (Finland).

Taking part in recording with professional jazz musicians is a wonderful feeling, but at the same time quite a challenge. One never really knows what is going to happen. This kind of music is based on "happenings" - so you'd better be on the ball!

This particular day, 22nd February 1991, I arrived for the recording session at Jakobsberg, on the outskirts of Stockholm, feeling extra confident. I knew for sure that, if we could come up with some good versions, the recording quality would be nothing but the best, thanks to Jan-Eric P