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尼爾斯.厄克蘭/西格比恩.阿佩蘭:Lysøen - Hommage à Ole Bull (CD) 【ECM】

尼爾斯.厄克蘭/西格比恩.阿佩蘭:Lysøen - Hommage à Ole Bull (CD) 【ECM】

SKU: ECM2179

Nils Økland / Sigbjørn Apeland: Lysøen - Hommage à Ole Bull


Nils Økland and Sigbjørn Apeland are the first musicians to record an album at Lysøen, the Norwegian island homeof iconic violinist-composer Ole Bull (1810-1880). For years they have explored Ole Bull’s musical landscapes with open minds, and found inspiration to develop their own ideas. In this recording they have chosen to emphasise the contemplative elements in Ole Bull’s music. The album presents partly the performers’ own arrangements and improvisations based on tunes that Bull performed, and partly new compositions inspired by Ole Bull.

〈Recorded September 2009/January 2010〉

Nils Økland - violin, hardanger fiddle
Sigbjørn Apeland - piano, harmonium

01. Stusle Sundagskvelden
02. La Mélancolie
03. Belg og slag
04. Grålysning
05. Sylkje-Per
06. Solstraum
07. Theme from Nocturne
08. Eg ser deg utfor gluggjen
09. Ole Bull-vals
10. I Rosenlund under Sagas Hall / La Folia
11. Tjødn
12. Jeg har så lun en hytte
13. Solveigs sang
14. Sylkje-Per
15. La Mélancolie
16. Sæterjentens Søndag

Total duration: 62:06



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