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Tony Sheridan and Opus 3 Artists (Vinyl LP)【Opus 3】

Tony Sheridan and Opus 3 Artists (Vinyl LP)【Opus 3】

SKU: LP24001

■ 試 聽 ■

Besides Tony Sheridan singing three songs, we are fortunate to have some of our best artists singing the other 9 songs!

* Our great and celebrated Jazz vocalist, Maria Winther is singing on three tracks!
* Our very much appreciated Blues singer, Bottleneck John is doing the vocals on two tracks!
* Our new Jazz vocalist, Yamina is doing the vocal on one track!
* Our Pop-singer Therese Mercedes Myrhed discovered by Bert Östlund, is singing on one track.
* One of the important members of Tiny Island, Nick Malmeström, is singing one of Tony Sheridans beautiful ballads.
* Being in a band most of his life, the main producer, arranger and bass player, Roger Ekman, is singing the rocker on the record!

<Side A>
01. Tell Me If You Can - Tony Sheridan
02. Muscovado - Maria Winther
03. Numbers On The Sun - Bottleneck John
04. Travelling Through The Night - Yamina
05. He Said Yeah - Therese Mercedes Myrhed
06. Julie, Julie - Nick Malmeström

<Side B>
01. Indochina - Tony Sheridan
02. Open Road - Maria Winther
03. The Music Must Go On - Roger Ekman
04. Serene Is All - Maria Winther
05. Skinny Minnie - Bottleneck John
06. The Puzzle - Tony Sheridan

Total Time: 48:04


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