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Yamina: How Deep Is The Ocean (Vinyl LP)【Opus 3】

Yamina: How Deep Is The Ocean (Vinyl LP)【Opus 3】

SKU: LP25001

■ 試 聽 ■

This is a conceptual album which is based on the Danish author H.C. Andersen’s dramaturgy of the story of "The Little Mermaid", and where the genre is soft jazz with colors Latin rhythms!

The full story is inside the booklet!

The music is a combination of songs what is normally known as the "American Songbook", plus Yamina’s own compositions!

<Side A>
01. My Foolish Heart
02. Yes No Yes
03. How Deep Is The Ocean
04. Very Present
05. Living Dead
06. One Feather At A Time

<Side B>
01. Gentle Rain
02. This Cold Light
03. Little Mermaid
04. Devil's Grip
05. Incinerate To Dust
06. Wild Is The Wind

Total Time: 42:13